The RL mms - 6

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The RL mms....(alias some sad stories)

RL mms disappointed cadet
I had never experienced such misfortune in my whole life( I don't know why I use the phrase more frequently these days).But in this incident I was not even the culprit but it was clear that I had to bear the blame.We went to Shoranur police station and gave a written complaint which turned out to be a waste of time.As to my reckoning the bugger kept the phone somewhere near the counter while buying the tickets and forgot to pick it up.Some theater staff got lucky that day.But sim lock and phone lock was on so that he couldn't have got along so easily with it.
               Well what more to say fellas.My Dad scolded me to his heart's content and I couldn't justify my position.Thus cell phone number infinity fell under my credit and in fact it was for the umpteenth time that I was losing one.To hell with it.Before going back to college I exchanged the Vodafone Dubba set with my bro’s Nokia 1100 (which he was using for almost 8 years and which was gifted to him by our uncle in UAE; pretty sentimental ofcourse).Well I still dont understand why he dared for such a risk with an unlucky bugger like me who never went too far with a mobile phone, especially while at RLINS.I returned to imprisonment and things went kinda smoothly. It was the time when NT third years met exams with utmost care and fear as one E grade(arrear) meant yet another year in jail.I began the long conversations on phone with you-know-who once again and we talked and talked 24x7 thanks to a special offer fronm Videocon telecom.On saturdays it used to be 5 am or beyond when I slept.
             Everything came to a stand still on one similar Saturday night when fate stabbed me from behind and everything went to shambles yet again.The twist in the tale is so dramatic that no one will believe everything I write.But I swear on god thateven each and every small incident in the RL mms saga is true.I confess about the pinch of masala that gets added on the whole.If else you guys will compare my write up with stuff like 'Crime and punishment' or something worse.So let me hit at it straight.It was a Saturday night and everyone was in a jolly mood.The wardens used to loosen up a bit and relax in their rooms and we got TV permissions often on Saturday nights.I was in my room and had kept the phone for charging, taking the Saturday late night talk into consideration.Darn you, you-know-who!!!.Its all because of you,lol.It was just 9 30 and it was a big risk to tap in the study hours.Who cared and oops came the shocker strong enough to make me careful for the rest of my life.Somebody never learns and that somebody always always ends up being me.Naga was doing rounds and he knocked on my door.I never doubted that it was the bulldog and answered stupidly.Like hell I should have kept quiet.He yelled ' open deyyy!!! ' and I panicked.I removed the charger and mobile and hid it under my clothes.Foolish indeed.It took some time to replace the rotator cover and darn I made a mess of it.
                           On a normal day I would have hid the phone inside my inner wears and thrown away the charger and wire outside.But no one can twist destiny (I should have some reason to tell isnt it.I actually believe that its us who create destinies and control our fates).Well what followed next was deja vu on an all time best.He came in and barked.It took only seconds for him to find the hidden treasure.I just got busted for the 150th time in history.And this time it was all over for me.I just felt the light disappearing and it was dark everywhere.It was that I had prejudiced Naga and thought he wont mind me using a phone, When he gave back the phone last time.Well, I got it all wrong and that led to my ruin.I couldnt think of anything and by god I wanted to die so badly.I could feel the blood boiling inside and I sweated profusely.I tumbled round and round on bed awaiting the judgement day that was about to come.
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