Seachest; one day outside psycho's office - 1

2008 NT-B and punishments always went hand in hand.It was a routine for the wardens to count and laugh at our number among the cadets who attended 16 30 punishment PT in Nut Science College (NSC).In most of the days we constituted upto 75%.It was a common practise for the whole class to sun bathe at the college roof top,thanks to vice-principal (He targeted us with much vengeance in the third year in connection with the breaking away of fresher NT cadets following the no placement controversy, alleging our direct involvement in spreading rumours and counselling them.They stopped the BS Nautical Technology batch anyway last year.)
                      We attended mass 16 30 atleast once a week, the reason being, shouting and yelling post PT, or being late to PT or delaying to fall in for the muster.Many a while we were screwed for talking during evening muster and for absenting ourselves from the gym sessions or swimming practise.That's one long tale but let me keep it short for now with one small chapter.Before that I should tell a few stuff about the great psycho R.He is one among the numerous principals of NSC.He boasts of being an outstanding singer, admired spokesperson,able job recruiter (minus 36789 placements) and everything under sky.Lets have a look at some of his feats. Once he borrowed a digital camera from a cadet and took some snaps of his family.
                      When the sincere NSCian reminded him of the yet to be deleted photos of his daughter while the camera was returned, the psychotic individual grinned stupidly and asked the guy to keep them.Lol, only his tennis elbow wrist and dry ponytail(lets put it as a pig tail, that's most appropriate) are more famous than this tale.I dont wanna deviate from the main topic.As usual we guys toiled a lot to earn the punishment under consideration.It was like we made a lot of noise or mass bunked some class or PT or muster or something like that.Thats quite natural, you would say and may even curse those who gave the punishment.But repeating the same for seven or eight times a week definitely need guts and arrogance.Yes we did it and we were rewarded with the pleasure of guarding VP's office day and night.We didnt have to attend the classes too(like we did, lol).So there we were all dressed and ready(some buggers even bunked the punishment).
                       The psycho-man voluntarily took charge of executing and monitoring the punishment.And like hell he did it with much interest.He doesnt have anything else to do in NSC, does he? And meanwhile we got a perfect model of a typical psychotic day whiled away by the moron, out of the money we paid....
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