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For those mariners who don’t have the patience to read this post fully, let me summarize it to a single sentence.There is one doctor D.C.M Toyota in Mattanjery near Kochi who gives away medical certificates (for Endorsements and company purpose) even without making you undergo any tests and measurements, that too for a meager amount of 500 bucks.You are fit for 0.5 K and that’s all you need, isn’t it? Its true folks, its really true.Now for those who are a bit more patient the tale goes like this:-
      While I was standing in the queue at Kochi MMD to enquire about DC endorsement, I met a Samaritan who had already applied for the stuff.It was he who told me about the medical certificate which was necessary and like I have explained in the first part he enlightened me of everything under the sun which was needed to get the endorsement done including our hero, the mischievous doctor’s address.
                 It was a place called Kappalandimukku in Mattanjery. The place has been colonized by Gujarati community since the post-Independence period.To make it simple, let me say, I went and encountered with the witty chap who did the tests and gave the certificate for Rs.500.Every other DG approved doctor charged above 1000 and so I found the chubby doc very generous.He entertained me with his non-stop jokes which was an added bonus (I survived was happy but didn’t expect the shocker which was about to come.
                  Two days after the incident when I went back to MMD to verify the Endorsements, I met a guy from my town who was also there for the same purpose.When we started talking, our chat somehow came to the medical certificate and Doctor Toyota.When I boasted of the low budget offer being extremely proud of my feat (finding the economic doctor infact), he replied, almost ripping off my head in the act.He said that he also got the certificates from Dr Toyota.As it was almost 2 PM when he got there, the clinic was closed.He called the doctor and was asked to report at the doc’s residence.Then the doctor filled up all the details in the certificate and put all the seals and signature without checking a bit of him.As simple as that.
                 When I stared in disbelief at his grinning face, I didn’t even mind the lone fly which got inside my wide open mouth………
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