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Once upon a time in good old Mattanjery (Kochi) there was a street called Kappalandimukku (a corner of groundnuts literally).It was an abode of Gujarathi Marwadis who had settled there by around early 40s in big communities.It was there that our proud hero, the cute and chubby, grand old doctor by name D.C.M Toyota lived.The only thing that others knew about him was his DG shipping approval and he gave away(rather sold) certificates for a living.Thats all with the dramatic introduction part.Now lets move on to what happened actually in there.
                        When I appeared for the MMS interview in Mumbai and produced my certificates, the lady in the reception asked for the yellow fever certificate, which I was not having at that instant.I said I dont remember taking such an injection.She said I wont be able to attend the interview if that is the case and that the interviewers may disqualify me for this reason alone.She kindly advised me to not to mention about the stuff to the panel to reply that I have had taken the vaccination but forgot to include the certificate in my file.Well, I didnt have the DC endorsements too unlike the other candidates.I decided to get the endorsements and the vaccination done ASAP after the interview, which turned out to be a bad decision at the bad time.The interview went fine without any mention of the yellow fever though.
                        I somehow came to know that the DC endorsement applications could only be submitted on Mondays and Wednesdays.A chief mate whom I know inquired about the stuff under my request and told me to reach MMD by 10 in the morning.Well I foolishly neglected his advise and got there only by 12.It was infact my first trip to Kochi MMD and all my calculations about the journey and timings went wrong.The short trip by ferry was cool.Once I got in Willington island, I hurried inside but the lady with the big mole on her forehead flatly said time up, you are out.Thus the first of my three trips within one week went in shambles.
                        But I was not ready to go back home just like that.I found someone standing in the queue who was waiting to get his certificate endorsed.It will be unseamanly to not to mention about the chic who was sitting near the auntie.Eying her and receiving occasional smiles in return added to 99 percent of the time I had spent idly at the MMD.The smart looking chap Shamal told me all the details to get the endorsement done What a samaritan? He told me some cool tricks too, lol.I didnt have taken the medisal fitness test too.It was he who told me about the doc.He said most of the doctors charged Rs.1000 and above while Dr.Toyota needed only 500 bucks.Geranemo!!! My day just got saved.....
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