The RL mms - 5

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The RL mms....(alias some sad stories)
warden cruelty RLmms
It was a deserving punishment for arrogance.But past was past and I tried my best to butter Naga in order to get the phone back.i visited him three or four times daily to plead for mercy.He discouraged and threatened me all the time by saying that he had handed over the the phone to Alagar.It was a dedicated effort, let me tell you. For a small foolish act from my part, I had to suffer for three long months.It was not about the phone.The problem was Naga's wild nature.He was pretty new to the scene too.I expected a betrayal anytime and lived in utmost fear and anxiety.After all the troubles that had occurred after putting my foot inside RLINS, I couldnt afford either a 15000 fine or the reaction from my Dad. I kept the matter a secret and bought a second hand Vodafone set from a batch mate.
                     One day Naga called me to his cabin unexpectedly.My heart leapt in the idea of getting the phone back.But it was too early to expect such miraculous luck.He made me re-write the apology letter as he had lost the previous one.Crap!! I smelled terror right away.I almost fainted at the thought of the gigantic fine and all that would follow such an occurrence. he shoved me out when I tried to beg him for kindness in the name of humanity. Dont know from where those fresh tears started flowing spontaneously.I didnt sleep peacefully for a whole week.Days went on in 60 knots speed and there came Diwali holidays.Everyone was in a happy mood getting ready to go home, thereby earning much needed breathing room away from the virtual prison.It was a friday evening, two days before Diwali, when Naga called me yet again to his room.Well, nothing really happened.Once I got inside he took my phone from somewhere inside the room and gave it to me.Relief and joy swept through my whole body and I almost saw heaven in there.I learned a valuable lessonthat peace of mind and happiness are the greatest wealth on earth.
                      Thus after two arrests the bugger LG KG195 came back to my hands like a boomerang.But nobody could predict what god has got in hand for us silly human beings.I came home for Diwali and decidd to sell both the handsets and to buy yet another 'Dubba' set.It was already crystal clear that the bloody KG 195 and myself could never go hand in hand.I went out with my neighbour and friend kella with two motives, one to watch Mohan Lal's latest film 'Shikaar' from Suma cinemas in Shoranur and two the phone business.On the way he asked me to give him the LG set as he was not having one with him.It was a serious mistake.One should always think twice before handing over stuff like money, books and women to friends.They will never ever be returned in the same shape.So was the case with that mobile.While we were watching the movie the rascal asked me for the cell again.I thought he was joking and didnt take it seriously.But then he announced that he was not having the cell and had thought it was with me.Darn!!! the phone was missing.
                We hurried outside and informed the theater authority.They nodded negatively.We searched all the nearby seats and inquired the fellows sitting there.It was of no use.The horrible truth had set in.The phone was lost.He had lost it to tell you the truth.The very same phone which was caught twice and got back after much toil was in shambles.It was simply nowhere to be seen.Once again I was pushed forcefully into a snare of despair.When I wasted valuable time thinking about what to do next, the thief was getting away to somewhere I could never reach in this lifetime.......
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