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mallu bigcity railwaystation mumbai
Dedicated to Ganesh, Sneha, Mrs.Ragini venugopal and Mr.Venugopal for their uncomparable love and affection.
It wasn't such a friendly feeling.I was tensed and really could feel the impact that the great city could produce on a first-timer.While my Mamaji trod away briskly through the human sea, just like my BSNL modem always says, I failed to establish a connection.
             We went to a suburban platform and got on a slow train to CST(which I later came to know). The worm on wheels (the sub-urban trains which connect all parts of Mumbai and have made traveling in there much easier) was a comfort zone as I was familiar with their metallic sisters back in Chennai.We got off in Nahur station (a comparatively new station between Mulund and Bandup) and proceeded homewards on board Uncle's 1996 model Hero Honda Karizma.( I still wonder why the word splendor was written on the bike).Things started getting much more complex.We traversed numerous concrete roads and narrow streets before reaching Sukh Sampada, my auntieji's flat complex.
                    I didnt even have a distant thought that No.303 Sukh sampada which I was about to enter would become my second home or something much more than that.If I am to explain how everyone in there welcomed me and what all happened when I arrived there, it will go dramatic. In one sentence I can state it like this.The household behaved as if their son had returned after a short stay somewhere else.Nothing more, nothing less.One thing I cant help without mentioning is about my cousin Ganesh alias Sagar.Instead of a naughty and disobedient kid, typical of his age ( fourteen infact) like I had prejudiced, I found a well mannered young man who was so easy to get along with.That was one big surprise and he helped a lot in making the stay enjoyable.I was also ashamed to find him (almost 8 years younger to me) being self-sufficient and doing household chores, while I used to be a total spectator back home.
                      Nothing worth mentioning occurred till I arrived at the ISF maritime services office in West Malad.There again my Mamaji came to the aid and we rode on the karizmatic splendor.It was so far away from Bandup.The long saga of surprises began to unfold then and there itself at the exam center.Three fellows in royal executive touch with tie and shiny leather boots were standing outside the office.
    oopsie...RLINSians...ennada pandra???? All thampis too.What else do u need in India.LOL.Three thampis and a mallu.
It was Captain Reegan, Captain Dhilip and Captain Lalith all 2008 NT A section.It was a nice surprise and they all looked awesome in their attire When we started firing away in Tamil, corrupting the Hindi-Marathi serenity of Mumbai, many interesting information came out.
                     The buggers were staying in Mumbai for the past three months.They took census of all the shipping companies in Mumbai and made the realization that it wasn't gonna work.Then they worked in Mumbai for a month and went home only to come back and appear for the online test.We got time just enough to conspire that much and it was time for the exam.We all went in and did the questions.I did well in English, Logic and psychometry and averaged in Technical and Safety.When I finished the test I had an unpleasant feeling that I wouldn't clear the test.
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