The Rl mms - 3

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The Rl mms...( alias some sad stories)
cruel warden psycho
I had a sad outing that Sunday which I whiled away by roaming senselessly in the hot Madurai sun.My mind was real blank and my heart restless.Every instant i expected the death sentence.I was pretty restless thinking about the 15 K fine and a probable suspension as it was my second time.At 7'o clock in the evening, Ramasamy asked me to report in another warden's (Mr.Ramachandran, Rama's virtual step-brother and able side-kick) cabin.I was going through some of the most unhappy moments of my entire life.
                              On entering the room, Rama banged the door shut behind me in his usual style.That was all I needed to breakdown.I began sobbing in utmost terror.He crouched on to me like a wild tiger closing in on its helpless prey. He was virtually burning with rage.He scolded me in harsh language and asked me to write an apology letter stating that it is my second time and that I am ready to accept the punishment.He began listing out all the crimes that I had committed, including bunking of PT and classes, lack of respect towards wardens, being always late for mustering, bad turn out and much more.he concluded his long and terrifying speech by announcing that my good days in RLINS are over.I am gonna be dismissed straight away.
                      I sobbed and told him about my 8 lakhs loan, dad's cardiac problems, lack of placement and added that committing suicide would be my only option.I begged him for mercy and reassured that I wont ever use mobile phone again in RLINS.After minutes of sobbing and pleading he cooled down a bit.He gave me two options.One to surrender the phone to the college authority and accept the punishment.The other was to break the phone infront of him.On hearing that i lost all hopes of saving the phone.I tried telling him all my economic problems back home, how devastated my family will be to hear this news and all.But he was in no mood to listen.On hearing that, he took out his phone and told me that he was gonna call Alagarsamy and buy me the dismissal.I was really frightened at that and agreed in distress to break the phone.Tears were running down like Niagara falls from my cheeks and that sight inspired the monster He showed no mercy whatsoever to me, like i am a terrorist from Pakistan.I cursed myself for putting my head in front of that Rajadhani express only to get crushed without any manly feelings.I cursed my decision of joining RLINS without listening to my Dad.I cursed the smelly hippopotamus who pulled me into all this disgrace.
                     I tried yet another time begging for kindness and virtually fell on his knees.But he was not ready to leave me just like that.Rama is well known among my seniors for his kindness but I got none.I was in a trance all the time.The situation changed from bad to worse and I had no other go but to destroy the equipment in order to save myself.I tried to make him understand that it wasn't my money that will be lost, but my Dad's.In the end I had to break the set in to million pieces and the heartless animal crushed the display with his boot to make sure that it can't be used again.My heart also broke along with the cell and i had no idea as to what shall be done.later when Mr.Ramachandran took out the SIM and handed it over to me, Rama vaulted at me and took it from my hands only to shatter it.He smartly took the battery and kept it away for personal use.What a rogue? When I walked back to my room, heart broken, my inside in turmoils like an angry sea, I had no idea as to what unfortunate incidents wait to occur in my sad life in the remaining days of living hell.... 
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