netrawati express mallu bigcity ON BOARD THE NETRAWATI EXPRESS....
To some relief, the TC later agreed to provide a berth for me beyond Calicut up to Goa so that I can manage at least a glimmer of a sleep.The guy looked gentlemanly and serious.There were many such guys like me who were following him from compartment to compartment.A gang of four guys from Kochi were going to Mumbai for a volleyball tournament conducted by Birla.They just had general compartment tickets and were travelling valiantly in sleeper class.Two other B Arch students who were coming from Delhi and had boarded from Thrissur didn't have a ticket at all!!!!!!!
                     Meanwhile I got friendly with a family coming from Trivandrum and got hold of a seat.Well, didnt I expect some wind and swell on my first pre-voyage?The train began getting crowded up and it became almost unbearable by 8 o clock.All the fellows with season tickets flocked the sleeper compartments as the GC were all full.The conundrum started revealing itself soon.I had kept my phone for charging in a socket near to the side seat and there came a human giant, who furiously made room for himself to sit in between myself and one another half-passenger.The first thing he did was to crash onto my mobile charger thereby bending the two-pin like a piece of cake.Darn it!! I couldn't stop the urge to beat life out of him for that but settled down somehow realizing his superior body strength and friend support.I was alone.He was in a group of 40.What if he beat me into a pulp? So I kept silent like it was me who broke the elephant's charger.
                      When the train stopped at Kannur station the TC called me outside and whispered in my ear to 'GIVE IT' .See, looks are deceptive.How openly he asks for bribe? I thought it was better to bribe that model central government officer than to stand and travel for hours continuously.I gave 100 bucks right away and he took me to another coach and signed the berth number on my ticket.I came to know later that he took 300 from the volleyball party, 100 each from the architects and god knows how much more.He definitely had one hell of a night.I slept off by 10 at night and got up at 8 o clock something next day when the train was crossing Ratnagiri.I ordered Dosai from the vendor and threw it away once I had tasted a bit, not being able to control the sensation to vomit.It was real poison I am telling you.
                        To stay alive, I had a bite of the good day biscuit that I had bought some time the previous night.I found some good company in one guy named Jijo, working in Nerul, who was coming from Nilambur.He was kinda friendly.He shocked me by revealing that he too had bribed the Tc as he could only end up as waiting list no.3.I was No.8 lol.I really have to mention the girls in the train.Oh dear! there were a handful and I fell in love with almost everyone of them.I cant say how many times I had to wash my face only to have a glance at a pretty girl in yellow t-shirt ad jeans who gave me too many smiles in return.The sight of her mom and dad nearby dissuaded me from taking any step to talk to her.
                        Meanwhile the landscape outside was mind blowing.The background was adored by a waterbody with small country boats here and there.The greenery was real stunning.It really soothed my restless heart to a great level.I had the feeling to get down there at once.I pledged to visit the place in near future no matter whatever it took.But the journey through the Konkan tunnels was not so enjoyable.The noise was so much disturbing and my Tata Docomo never left the emergency status.By 4.30 the train reached Panvel and my heart began throbbing at the first sight of dear Mumbai.It was for the first time in life that I was coming to the great city.It was a pleasant feeling fellows.My uncle asked me to get off at Thane and to wait for him.His wife, my auntie doubted that he may be unable to fine me, even recognize me.He hadnt seen me for years.But to my greatest surprise he found me within no time.It was such a wonderful shock.Hmm.And from there off we went to catch a suburban while I too was becoming a part of Mumbai's giant ocean of wayfarers..
                                                       Mallu in the bigcity -1
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