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ITALIAN CONSUL GENERAL REPORTS IN KOCHI; funerals of the two victims Ajeesh Pink and Valentine held.
Kochi/New Delhi:The Italian Ambassador was called to India to give an explanation regarding the controversial killing of two Indian fishermen by members of the Italian navy near Kochi two days ago.The convicted oil tanker 'EnricaLexia' was taken under custody and brought back to Kochi port last night.The Director General of Shipping (DG shipping) entrusted Kochi Mercantile Marine Department (MMD) to study the incident and to submit a detailed report. The police are currently waiting for an order from Delhi to arrest the personnel responsible for the tragedy.Meanwhile the Neendakara police have registered the case as homicide.
                It is now clear that the six members of the Italian navy who were on board the ship raised the fire.These safety officers said that they had noticed ammunition in the boat while scanning through binoculars and raised the warning alarm as per International protocol, taking them to be Somalian pirates.When the boat didn't retreat even after bullets were fired in the water, the commandos were forced to fire.The report which the Italian consulate also stated as shooting pirates who ignored all warnings.
                 19 of the detained vessel's crew are Indians.The incident occurred on 15th at 4.30 PM when the Oil tanker on a voyage from Singapore to Egypt shot down two Indian fishermen mistaking them to be pirates.The incident occurred in Indian territorial waters.19 year old Ajeesh Pink of Kanyakumari and Kollam native Valentine(Gelestin) are the two unfortunate victims. 
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