Wrecked oil container breaks into two...

Wellington: The Greek cargo container Rena which got wrecked 3 months ago in a coral reef off the coast of New- zealand splits into two shoving the island nation and all inhabitants into terror.The huge swell (waves up to 7 meters ) generated by the storm on Saturday broke the ship's hull into two.The Liberian flagged 47000 tonner was entwined in the coral reef near to the ancient town, Bay of plenty (Port of Tauranga).
              The ocean department spokesperson Ross Henderson called the incident the greatest tragedy of its kind in the history of New Zealand.Almost 300 containers full of oil was spilled in to the sea.800 odd containers still remain in the handicapped vessel.The Bulbous bow and most of the forward portion is still entangled with the reef while the stern was completely destroyed and swept away by the water.Salvage efforts are underway in order to prevent any further damage.

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