US kills Somalian pirates to rescue hostages...

hostages rescued danish demining USA
Washington:The US commandos dramatically rescued a US citizen and a Danish citizen who were held hostage by Somalian pirates ,after a lightning attack on their terrorist camp.The American Jessica Buchanan (32)and Dane Poul Hagen Thisted (60) who work for the voluntary organization Danish  Demining Group, under contract to the Danish Refugee Council were rescued by the same team 6 of Navy seals who undertook the Osama Bin Laden operation (though different team members).The operation was under the direct command of US president Barack Obama.
US navy seals
      The seals took off from the US Naval base in Djibouti, on Africa's Red sea coast and proceeded to Galkayo, the biggest town in Somalia. The team consisted of 12 commandos who virtually surprised the sleeping terrorists, killing 9 of them and taking 5 as captives.The rescued hostages were later transported to Djibouti. The two volunteers were hijacked by armed terrorists in October last year from the Galmudg region of Somalia, where they both were working for the poor and the sick. The young lady was infected by a serious kidney disease during captivity.The Americans gave a clear message to Somalians that no mercy shall be bestowed upon terrorists let it be at land or sea.Numerous sailors including Indians, Koreans, Filipinos and Danes, a US journalist and many British tourists are still held in Somalian prisons for committing no crime at all.Will Obama and his seals do something about that too?

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