Dear Engineer friends , some good news for you.Shipping Corporation of India (SCI) is recruiting Trainee engineers with attractive pay scale and offers.Fill up the form given in the SCI website.The link to the SCI website is given below.
During the last month one of your batch mates had visited the office of Pentagon Marine in a very shabby dress, without shave etc, for a job interview. He was denied instantly and the matter was reported to us through our Regional Manger in Mumbai.While our Regional Manager was making all efforts to impress this company and requesting them to conduct interview for our cadets this incident spoiled all the hard work. There was a strong chance that this company would have employed some of you. Now it is natural for them to have a negative impression for RLINS cadets.We have spoken so many times while you were in the college regarding manners, etiquettes, presentation, dressing up etc, I fail to understand how one can make such a blunder.A visit to Shipping Companies is always a formal one, whether we are Cadets or Captains and Chief Engineers or Principal and Vice Principal of a college. Hence it is important that we are nicely dressed in formal cloths with tie, clean shave and with a gentleman's haircut, especially for a cadet.We all know that jobs are not available in abundant that they can be taken for granted. Opportunities will come but definitely not in plenty. We have to ensure that such life time opportunities are not wasted like this.It is imperative that all of you must avail this opportunity with high level seriousness. Please go through the information and apply properly. Since some time is available for the Examination date open your books and ensure that you are thoroughly prepared for the same. Last date and time for receipt of the hard copy of the application: 11th February, 2012, upto 17.00 p.m.
Didnt you hear him well? Do as he says...all the best...i Mean it.Why isn't SCI taking poor Deck cadets though?

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