The Rl mms - 2

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The RL mms...(alias some sad stories) 
                I REPPEATTT!!!!!!!!!
Finally i got the phone back even though not in a single piece.I sent the components back home to see if it could be repaired.And i needed a mobile phone very badly thanks to miss X who came into my dreadful life like a summer drizzle.I tried borrowing handsets from some close friends (whom i thought to be...),but that didn't go pretty smoothly.Some of them like Nariyal even started running away and hiding at the sight of me.The very next Sunday I took an early out pass and dashed straight to Meenakshi bazaar.My budget was 500 bucks.What the hell!!! more than half of the shops were already closed, some urgent strike goddammit.I was not at all in a situation to wait one more week.A guy there showed me one Nokia 1208 torch light (with a cheap green panel.Keep in mind that our budget is 500.He insisted on 60 with charger, not a penny less.Off i went and off i closed.I didn’t have even the slightest idea then as to what utter nonsense I had just committed.
                From there I came back to Periyar and went to mmm..I will say only if you promise that you wont laugh.Okay done(at least keep the promise when you meet me somewhere.Singapore plaza it is.The place where you shouldn't ever go if you are not trying to get yourself jackass-ed.Its a crap hole of the dumbest goods you can get in Madurai.You promised that you wont laugh, remember.When i said 500, the Mullah and his assistant showed me a Nokia 0000.It was real dirty, as bad a cell phone as you can get.The panel was almost broken, keypad wasn't working properly and the openings on the side (where there should have been lights) gave the impression of a pair of hollow eye-sockets in a skull.This wasn't it for god sake.The goddamn battery was 6 months pregnant.One good look at it and even a fool could say that the battery back up wont last more than half an hour.Yet i bought the junk.See what ladies can do to innocent men.I changed the panel for 70 bucks and bought a charger for 30, making it a grand total of 620.What a great deal.To make matters worse, the worries about the backup became a reality.I charged for 3 hours, talked for half an hour and boom...low battery..switched off.
                       There was nothing more to be done about the cell.I used to talk while charging for many days.Then due to some fortunate turn of events, I was able to sell the sick cell to a junior for Rs.500.And with that money,I bought another (good-looking) Nokia 1208 from yet another junior.(By this time I had already learned my lesson)Finally everything started going well once again.Only until one bad Sunday morning ,not too far away, when everything fell apart.It was during this time that a smelly guy by name Nagalingam came to RLINS only to make my life ,as well as many other fellow lives, a thick black cloud of smoke.He and his room used to smell like a dead rat.
                     Well lets go back to that Sunday.It was about 9 o clock in the morning.I was in a bathing towel, sitting in my room with the phone in my hand.The room was kept open for it was a Sunday morning and for it was RSH G050.Every RLINSian would understand the probability of a warden coming for a mobile hunt at so remote a place at that time of the day, let alone a Sunday.In a cursed moment when i kept the cell back ,after checking the text messages,to under the pillow, this ape appeared out of thin air at my door.He noticed my movements and obviously grasped my intention.It was then a routine exercise for him to take the phone from under the pillow.Lets have a look at the conversation that took place.
Me:sir, sir, oh my god, darn it ..sir.I have already lost a phone sir(thinking that he is an amateur to the scene,which I later found was a terrible mistake)
Nagu:(growling like a cross breed hound) dey nadari!! (some abuse in Tamil)How daring of you to use the phone so openly? Unakku bhayame kedayatu le?(You dont have any fear?)
Me:sirrr..., my mistake sir, oh my god.What do i do?  (started sobbing for real). Please don't do this to me.I'm gonna die oh god, really I'm gonna die..
Nagu:Nee onnu sonna vena (shut up)Yen pinnadi varakkoodathu!! (don't follow me)Nee ennada nenache?(what do you think of yourself?) Pepuluthi, nadari..
  And off he went.The bugger kept my phone in his pockets all the time and I went everywhere following him. Meanwhile I met Mr.Kiran (2008 NT,my classmate &friend) on the way and he told me that he had heard Alagarsamy talking about a Malayali's phone getting caught.Lightning struck right in the middle of my heart.I believed his ugly joke (which was intended to scare me) and foolishly told Nagu about the matter when I saw him at Eliyarpathi.On hearing this, Nagu changed his stand.He said he's gonna handover the set to the concerned hostel OIC alias Ramasamy, only because Alagar knows about the case.I was petrified in all senses and I dreaded of a suspension and the exams were near.Darn you kiran, Darn you stupid me.And reach Ramasamy it did.The tragic story continues in the next part when I am presented before Rama's court.Its not gonna be any fun I'm telling you.
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