Costa concordia capsizing
 PORTO SANTO STEFANO, Italy:the passenger cruise,costa concordia owned by costa cruises ran aground off the coast of Tuscany forcing a chaotic evacuation of 4200 odd passengers.A 160 foot gash in the hull sent water pouring in, forcing the vessel to list and further to capsize.Three bodies were recovered from the water.
costa concordia capsizing
The vessel was sailing on a cruise across the Mediterranean starting from Civitavecchia with calls to Barcelona ,Mallorca and Palermo.Almost 1000 Italians, 500 Germans and150 French were part of the passengers along with 1000 odd crew members.The Concordia had an earlier accident in 2008 when it banged against the Sicilian port's docks.The actions from the crew post incident is being heavily criticized.The situation became too critical that (listed condition of the ship) it became virtually impossible to make use of rescue boats.Five helicopters from the coast guard, navy and air force took turns airlifting survivors who were still on board.Twelve hours after the incident the ship was lying virtually flat with its right side submerged under water.
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