costa concordia controversy
Gigliyo island(Italy): The death toll of the grounded Cruiseline Costa Concordia reached six this morning.Even after four days of the incident, fourteen persons are still missing.Meanwhile the wrecked vessel showed signs of movement, pushing the rescuers into further dilemma.Once the vessel gets free off the rock, the odds are high that the vessel might sink and the five lakh gallons of oil getting spilled. 
             The ship owner, Costa Crociere accused the master Francisco Shettino as being responsible for the accident.He is presently under house arrest.They added that the wrong decisions from the captain's side led to the incident.There were many complaints that the master and mate fled from the ship way long before the passengers were rescued.Even after repeated calls they both refused to come back on board.The vessel was not moving along in the right track.The distance from the shore line was way too low thereby making way for the collision with the rocks and the corresponding gash formation on the hull.The crew also lacked lacked responsibility and sense of duty and took almost an hour to begin evacuation process.
               The only good news is that the walls of the oil tanks are still secure, thereby curtailing the chances of a sudden leakage.

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