Somalian pirates strike again....

Somalian pirates
 Rome: Somalian pirates hijacked yet another Italian chemical tanker (Enrico levoli) .18 crew members are reported to be onboard including 7 Indians. The incident occurred on 27th December morning near Oman in the heartland of Somalian pirates. The Italian flagged vessel,owned by Naples based MARNAVI ,was earlier rescued from a pirate attack in 2006 by the Italian navy.6 Italians and 5 Ukrainians are the other members of the crew.more details of the victims are not yet available even though the owners are keeping in contact with them by phone.The company has opened a 24 hours crisis unit to tackle the situation and to rescue the vessel and crew. Although the pirates are onboard they are not physically assaulting the hostages. Yet another.Hijacked Italian vessel was released on 21st of this month by paying a ransom of 75 crores.
                   The efforts to bring home the 22 hostages, of the released vessel, are going on. Almost 356 piracy attacks have been reported this year alone. AS per the report of international naval bureau, more than half of these attacks have been executed by the Somalian pirates who dominate the Indian Ocean and Red sea .

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