The RL mms

The RL mms....( alias some sad stories )
Part 1- Three years, countless encounters, six phones lost & three got back.
Do not open your mouths wide just by seeing the title.This is not about any hot video clip which was being circulated in the campus.(For the information of non-RLINSians, ours is a  mens only not dream of a gay story either ).Let me come to the point.The title is just a trick to attract attention. (only if I may succeed …hehe..).remember ragini mms?poor enthusiasts who were charmed by the title, flocked the cinemas only to lose their money.The movie was completely absurd.But the title is what I am talking about; it clicked.Thats one way of explaining the meaning and relevance of the title.What I am gonna relate here are some extracts of the utterly horrifying mobile hunts which terrorised each and every one of us cadets in the years gone by.Let me begin with my own experiences.( believe me it’s a long long list)
I am not proud or ashamed to tell you that I started using a personal mobile mobile phone for the first time in the second year of my three year degree at RLINS., at the age of 19.While talking about the degree  I cant stop myself from quoting what dear old Alagarsamy sirrrrr called us NTs prior to passing out
“ whateeezz , ya whateeezz…degree-less…whateeezz passouts..” thats the truth of it , though.I stayed in  KH 3rd floor room no.319 and everything went well for the semester thanks to the whatizz man’s sense of duty.He never climbed the first floor stairs, even once, for rounds.My bad luck started in the second semester.I was shifted to the smelly RSH ruled by Mr.Ramasamy alias alarmbell-mouthed, after I was accused of bad behaviour in the hostel.(For the information of those who are fond of ramasamy, let me clearly tell you that since Ranga left, he is not what he used to be.Eventhough he salutes Chintu, AO ,powder sirrr et al 100 times a day)
              The intolerable atmosphere of A2 wing (G050) was only outrunned by Ramasamy’s torture.I didn’t even have a pillow goddamnit…Me and my second hand LG KG 195 had a smooth run till one fine evening when I kept the phone for charging in the study hours.The fan regulator cover was in a removed position and I was lying on the concrete bed when Ramasamy came and started knocking on the door.He kept banging like there was no tomorrow
               The noise was enough to make me panic and like an idiot I opened the door for him.He came inside , had just one single look and started barking like a stray dog.My heart was beating in !)) knots speed fellas.He shoved me out of the room and locked it from outside.I witnessed him turning in to a complete lunatic.He was spitting fire ,and spit ofcourse, on my face.What a monster!!!He moved seven steps forward and came back to open the doorHe confiscated the assets including charger and the borrowed tapping wire.(The sight of the old man replacing the regulator cover still lingers in my mindand pushes me into deep laughter.)Anxious moments passed by.I was rendered speechless and to some extend breathless bringing me to the verge of tears.
Me: sorry sir, so sorry … I wont ever repeat it…forgive me sir.
Alarmbell: shut up idiot.How dare you do illegal tapping?
Me: so sorry sir…this is my first time sir..give me one last chance please.
Alb:shut up idiot…you are not afraid of me ha…I will make sure that you are going home tomorrow..I repeat, I will make sure that you are going home tomorrow.
Me: please sir, ( started crying) 8 lakhs bank loan sir…
Alb: One word and I m gonna call the principal..
               And off he went.Minutes became hours and in came the cadet captain( not one of my favorites.He used to say that I  have attitude and all.)He made a short formal speech and informed me that the confiscated items are in his custody and that he has got the authority bestowed on him to give everything back.He didn’t forget to remind how much he dislikes me.Dont you all agree now that Rama is mad?
              If I include all the nice things that happened afterwards, its gonna take me a whole yearto type.To make it short the CC didn’t return the mobile even after repeated requests and beggings.He made promises like he will give it next week, next month and all , but the mobile never came to my hands.In the end I did get the phone back thanks to a friend’s help.But this was only a beginning..wasnt it??
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