Well , after the three years of hell that i have been through if i don't do at least this, my conscience would never forgive me.The three best years of my life is not just what i have lost.You cant imagine how disappointed and heartbroken one would be after spending 8.5 lakhs, three sleepless and starved years only to end up jobless and degree-less.Of course this is NSC(Nut Science College) Thirumalai for you.And if you still don't bother, feel free to waste your life....At least have the patience to go through the brochure that very well elaborates almost all the hidden dangers ...May god bless you...
Even Shakespeare might not have in his grand ocean of imagination come up with such a brilliant and innovative idea.for those cadets who are not willing to give up their great nation's heredity but yet hesitates if they may fall behind in technological advancement, here is the perfect solution- the Indo-European toilet.You can have all the comforts of a European toilet seat, but when you are finished you may wonder where the flush is.If you are intelligent enough you wont yell "Heyyy buddy the flush is not working"instead what you have to do is fill the small bucket that is provided, stand up and pour water until the pot is filthy clean.If you are lucky enough you may end up with small trickles of shit on your goddamned face.What a way to start your day.(The toilets in all the three new hostel blocks of RLINS are of the European style, but there is no flushing system.You have to pour water into the pot just like the traditional Indian one.The main hostel block (Rsh) still goes with the Indian system but are horribly unclean and smelly).
The officers in charge (one an ex military truck driver,other an alarm bell of a so told radio officer,another guard,and one an army clerk and the rest who had learned Hindi somehow during their terms as hawkers, drivers,dhobis etc in north India.There was a qualified navy commanding officer, but he was sacked following a well planned conspiracy led by the truck driver himself) of hostels or wardens are all qualified personnel in fields such as cadet harassment , punishment PT and all matters starting from intruding cabins of cadets, hunting mobile phones and positively suspending the concerned ward.These people will come behind you like vipers until they deliver the final blow.Thanks to them, we will bet our asses and try all that we could to pass the course within the scheduled time, which may even provide 8 point GPAs or even better the college's presidential gold medal.There is no need of any motivation to study as long as these psychotic individuals run the business.
*MULTI-CUISINE MESS (what a mess!!)
What is the connection between a mess ( obviously the food providing point of view ) and timepass.Quite simple, if you are not fed well and you have to spend all your time searching for food and somehow quenching your hunger, there wont be any time left to leave you boring.Isnt that what we call timepass, yes it is.But , thanks to dear nestle you could always prepare the staple food of NSC , MAGGI if you have supplies of a plastic container and hot water.I still wonder why atleast some of our cadets fail to find a place with their smiling photos in the ME AND MY MAGGI column on the maggi wrapper.Still, guys who are specialised in pongal, oothappam,curdrice, pea pulao,sambar rice,tamarind and tomato rice, take the first flight to Madurai (That would be another uneasy task because of the services available in Madurai interna... oops.. nationa..oops again, airport. Try to catch a train from Chennai..that would be better).Forget to mention something about the special qualities of our mess staff.You will be surprised to see that the chappathi is soft on monday, hard as a rock on wednesday, moderately soft on friday and back to metamorphic form on Saturday.Real talented people these guys are.Isnt the old saying WASTE NOT WANT NOT..
If you are a guy planning to grow your hair like the old John abraham of dhoom or Shahid kapur, you are at the wrong place buster.They wont allow you to flourish without a haircut for a more than 15 days, via routine checkups.They have even provided a facility inside the campus (the original intention is to avoid cadets going outside with a hair cut outpass) and the so called hair-dresser forces us to think whether he is equipped with a hair-trimmer or a grass-cutter. You cant show your face to anyone for atleast 15 days after confronting with him.And next is the Gillete ad.Even if what you have got is a speck of hair on your chin or 2 mm extra long side-whiskers dont wait for the OIC to give orders.Run back home, shave and come if you are not willing to skip food always.Still not clear? they wont allow you to eat unless you shave, guys..!!!!
 When i came here in 2008 , there was an agreeable amount of campus recruitment going on.Almost everyone had at least nominal placement.In my second year it came down to just 15 out of 60 NT cadets and some 30 odd ME cadets.Thanks to the praiseworthy services of the great P***** R. ,our placement officer and the ever-accusable recession, no company is coming now.( the only exception is that Fleet mgmt took 10 NT cadets last month.Its still not convincing enough as they have given only a minimum guarantee of entry on board by DEC 2011 for these cadets passing out in July 2011.Its almost a semester's waiting) If you need degrees in marine studies only for show off, this is your destination, fellas.Always keep in mind that your family should have enough resources to pay the fees of 10 lakhs for just completing a degree 'those who think they can pass out from here, arrange an additional 2 or 3 lakhs to be given to company agents for getting a job.
   I ,very much, am aware of the fights that are going on in my state because of the fee increase made in to effect by private engineering managements outside the scheduled fee structure.It is normally a thing that would never happen unless previously mentioned.Our college management should consider themselves lucky in this case.When I joined in 2008 the total fee was 7, 30000 something.There was a cunning ‘fee subject to change in the lowest available Ms Word font at the bottom corner of the paper. Every semester the fee was increased by 5000, 12000 and once darn 27000.I applied for 730000 Rs SBI education loan and thanks to the dynamic fee system the bank have turned their hands and asked me to find the 1,04000 Rs. for the 6th semester and 50000 odd for 7th and 8th sems which doesn’t have any connection with the college, as is spent at sea.

 There is much much more to share but what use will it of be..sure you can expect more anyways.catch u soon....
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