ALL IZZ FINE....a conversation with Mr.unfortunate..

The great RLINS saga continues through the next episode which takes you to a conversation that took place between me, when I was in the THIRD year and a fresher who had been freshly admitted to the college.
The unfortunate fresher cadet:Hey you..I m kinda new here.Heard that there is some restrictions for mobile phones in the campus.Me pop told that there is something like that given in the brochure too.
Anand: You know what buddy, everything from a mobile phone, palmtop, laptop even a pet blue whale could be nurtured here .
Unfortunate: yikes.. I m not clear.
Anand: well.. What’s up duck ?
 Unfortunate: They clearly say nothing of that sort is allowed there.
  Anand: well yes and maybe no.
Unfortunate: Maybe it’s like this. Nothing is allowed in the college. You can rock in the hostel, ryt?
Anand: ya you can sit like a rock, junior. I will share some secret with you. All our wardens have taken special courses conducted under the collaboration of KGB, MI 5,Scotland yard,ISI and Al-queda.It is known as " EVEN IF THE MOBILE IS HIDDEN IN A TOILET POT FULL OF SHIT PICK IT UP WITH YOUR OWN BARE HANDS COURSE ”. Mr. Himalayan buttocks is an expert. First time you are caught it is 15k, next time 25 k, finally suspension and then execution
Unfortunate: Holy cow. I have no life without my black berry. How can they do this to me? kadavule..
Anand: and you could get drunk and fight. What a bonus. You could rest the whole semester and even more
Unfortunate: amma…appa….aaya… aatha… periyappa ......I don’t know what to do. I have already given 2 lakhs. The first sem fees.
Anand: even better. Don’t panic haha once you get here you won’t get any time to panic...Even piss
Unfortunate: why so?
Anand : should get up daily at 5  and go for P T at 5.30.if you are deaf enough to miss the bell and whistle,our warden will come to your cabin and  bite your neck.....dont worry you will wake up easily within two days....
Unfortunate: get me some water mummy.......Wait, change it to 7 up...
Anand:   then up to 6.30 you will roll in the dusty ground. Then at 7 you will be mustered for breakfast. Half an hour to shave, brush, shit, bath, dress and run. Then from 8 to 4 (sometimes up to 6 if extra) you will have class. Some two hours in the evening for everything coming under leisure. Then hurry again for dinner muster only to get enough time to come back for study hours and an exhausted under-time sleep.
Unfortunate:$#@%*^! Cheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeentuuu….
Anand: If you get E grade(arrears)in the final  year (both sems) you should stay back a semester or two to write the paper. Don’t ever think that it’s fun. Extra 1.5lakhs and all the hell should be repeated. For aspiring captains there are lot of 70 per pass mark subjects and plenty of chances to fail
Unfortunate: I m feeling dizzy. an ambulance
Anand: If u have epilepsy then the trip is gonna be free.For everything else the college will charge you about 3 grands transportation fee
Unfortunate: If that is the case i will settle with cool R O water.
Anand:( idiot doesnt know that he is paying thousands of rupees in the fees for R O.whom is he playing with hehehe..poor thing)
NOTE: From the 2011 educational year onwards mobile phones and laptops are allowed to be used in the campus.And i have got news that the wardens are having the best time of their lives.They are home almost 6 days a week.Well hunting mobiles was the only real job  they had to do.I cant avoid quoting the discussion which took place last year.The management were daring enough to offer the cadets permission to use mobile phones and laptops only if we gave a written declaration that we don't need any placement.
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