Seachest; Oral questions (Mumbai) various surveyors - Function 1 Part 2

Capt.Khambata & Capt.Shukla
company ukc policy, squat, factors affecting squat
Steering gear test pre-departure
Radar blind sector and where wil you find it
Echo sounder & how many transducer on location
Doppler log water track and bottom track
Ecdis watch takeover safety contour & safety depth & correction & t and p & navtex correction
Rule 6 and is right full ahead safe speed?
Situation on rule 13 17 18 19
Chart correction
Asd contents & corrections
Mine sweeper lights
1. How will you make Passage Plan.
2. Difference in GC and Mercator Sailing.
3. Composite GC Sailing.
4. Corrections to ASD.
5. Master Gives a Chart to you what will you check?
6. Keeping watch on ECDIS.
7. Quote rule 13, 19.
8. ROR crossing situations.
9. Echo sounder Errors.
10. Why Latitude Feed in Gyro.
11. Sextant principle, how many graduations in it, How can you can measure upto 120 if graduation 60, laws of reflection and refraction 

12.Sailing vessel crossing stbd bow, Fishing vessel crossing stbd bow action fv crossing port Bow, pd causing port bow,. overtaking situations wid reff to 13d , quote 13,5,18 
13.New Indian chart in your hand what all things will you Check before accepting the chart for navigation  
14.How will you take over ECDIS watch.
15.How to do T&P correction in ECDIS

Capt.Khatri & Capt.Panigrahi
Manoeuvring signals
Safe water mark
Isolated danger mark
Cardinal marks
Rule 9 expn fully
Fire in e/r ur action
Wat is distress signal(he want anx 4 of ror)
Wat r manoeuvring signls(he want rule 34)
Rule 8,9,10,19

Gyro and echosounder errors
Bouyage systems
Something about ECDIS
Rule 5,6,7,8,9,10,18,19

Capt.Topnov & Capt.Khatri 
1. T&P corrections
2. Gyro feed errors, what alarms you'll get, if gyro feed not available how you'll do collision avoidance.
3. As per colregs what do mean by crossing, explain with situations.
4. As per colreg explain overtaking with situations., goes on confusing in overtaking situations.
5. Isolated danger marks
6. Safe water mark., day signal for safe water mark.
7. Guidance to stop false distress alert.
8. How you get compass error.
9. Day signal of fishing vessel shooting nets. ( wants to listen which flag)
1. Advantage nd disadvantage of spring tides. Cross quesions.
2. Correction of ASD
3. Gyro is working fine, but its feed to other equipments fail. What will be the situation on the bridge in such a case (indirectly he wanted to know which all equipments get feed from gyro).
4. You get an alert on vhf near the coast, action.
5. You get a distress alert on vhf outside area A1, action to be taken.
6. Different reports and where do we find info abt them.
7. Where do we get difference in times.
8. Isolated danger mark, characteristics. How to identify it during day, night and fog.
9. While proceeding in a narrow channel on what side of ur ship will u have a safe water mark.
10. Quote rule 9, 10.
11. Bearings of crossing situation.
12. Bearings of overtaking situation.
13. Crossing situation
14. Overtaking situation
15. In RV u r havin a ROC with another vessel. Who is supposed to keep clear.
16. Fishing vessel impeding ur safe passage in a narrow channel, action.
17. Will u give 5 or more short and rapid blast signal in RV and why
18. Various situations on RV and in every situation he was just giving own ships headin and another ships bearing.
20. How to determine fog at night.
21. Lights of NUC, trawler shooting nets, dredger at anchor.
How gps work inter
On gps when you will go on the bridge
Explain crossing overtaking situation with bearing
Trawler light
Shooting nets
Trawler nets get obstructed from Port side than what lights she will display
Day signal Trawler shootings nets
Cardinal marks, West mark fog signal
Isolated danger mark
Gmdss equipment what checks you will do
U received distress what action you will take
1. Advantage and disadvantage of spring tides. Cross quesions.
2. Correction of ASD
3. Gyro is working fine, but its feed to other equipments fail. What will be the situation on the bridge in such a case (indirectly he wanted to know which all equipments get feed from gyro).
4. You get an alert on vhf near the coast, action.
5. You get a distress alert on vhf outside area A1, action to be taken.
6. Different reports and where do we find info about them.
7. Where do we get difference in times.
8. Isolated danger mark, characteristics. How to identify it during day, night and fog.
9. While proceeding in a narrow channel on what side of your ship will you have a safe water mark.
10. Quote rule 9, 10.
11. Bearings of crossing situation.
12. Bearings of overtaking situation.
13. Crossing situation
14. Overtaking situation
15. In RV you have a ROC with another vessel. Who is supposed to keep clear.

Seachest; Oral questions (Mumbai) various surveyors by Alex Dantis - Function 1

Capt.Vibhute & Capt.Muduli 
pilot vessel day and night lights and shapes, track line search, gyro - 300 mag-306 gyro fail, what course do you steer? (trick question. Same as magnetic compass course. If course changed or chart change, recalculate compass error), vessel aground, lights and immediate actions. Various situations.
Muduli - Nuc stbd bow and you are cbd-action? Lateral and preferred channel bouys cards in region b. Wants to hear all in right order. Card of daylight signal of dredger shown with obstruction and safe side. Wants to hear as per the card order.Passage planning from Gulf of aden to singapore, questions on publications, ASD ,Guide to port entry.Gyro 210 Mag 215 Variation 2E, Gyro fail action, Calculate compass error.Turning circle, advance, transfer, pivot point, tactical diameter, RULE 34, 35,19,18,17,13.many cards and situations abt cbd, nuc, rv,tss,bank cushion and suction effect.Squat, Course recorder, Dangerous semicircle
  1)Lights (Fishing v/l, Towing v/l more than 50m & length of tow exceeds 200m, Trawler, Pilot v/l, v/l aground).
            a)Fishing v/l ahead with gear extending 150m on her stbd side your action
            b)Towing v/l crossing from port side & radar inoperational your immediate action & as per which rule
             c) Trawler crossing from stbd side your action according to which rule
             d) a v/l aground seen right ahead your immediate actions
3)Explain with diagram Interaction between ship.
4)Contents of IAMSAR Vol.3
5)Explain with diagram Parallel Track Search & how do you calculate the track space?
6)Say what information you get from the Deviation card onboard.
7)Gyro failure then how will you navigate if:
a)Gyro hdg: 300 deg, Magnetic:306 deg, Variation: 2 deg(W)
b)In the very next chart Variation: 2deg(E)
8)What is compass error? How do you calculate compass error onboard?

9)How to calculate compass error onboard.
Capt.J B singh
body is at SE n thn S n thn SW, hw u wil tk Az, iamsar, content of almanac, he asked me why mag north and south are 180 degree apart and when I answered he cross questioned which poles are closer to each other, ROR annex, 1 RAM card, publications updates n chart updates.

difference between long by chron and intercept,spring and neap tide, how many lunar eclipse in one year. whad does away and near mean in intercept, altitude of sun in bbay how will you find roughly not by calculation, colreg contents, rule ten in own words, which vessel can violate tss(ans ram), What are circumpolar bodies and conditions for a body to be circumpolar, 
In a vsl with right hand propellor if u put rudder hard over to bth sides,which side will hav the smaller turning circle and why?How many rules and annexes are there and wat do u mean by exemptions? Asked me to tell the title of each rule, When did ROR come into force and what was there before ROR. which rules were followed for collision avoidance before COLREGS?
Wat is the present declination of mumbai?              
How do u calculate lat by mer alt without almanac?
Wat is GC and when will you carry out GC sailing
What is the angle between magnetic north and magnetic south? What is the reason for the angle to not be 180 ?
Wat do u make out when i say that a body is in NE,SE,SW and NW quadrant?
Open sea u see a distress signal, action?

Seachest; Oral questions (Mumbai) various surveyors by Alex Dantis - Function 3 part 4

1. What info you get from stability booklet with relation to draft (he didn't want to hear contents)
2. What is SOPEP. Requirements.
3. Sopep equipment
4. How will you extinguish oil fire?
5. Annex 4. Discharge criteria.
7. Plans under SOPEP? 
8. What is shell expansion plan? What all do you find from this plan?
9. Docking plan.
10. Use of anodes. Where do you find anodes on the ship.
11. What is SMPEP
12. What is the difference between immersion suit and tpa.
13. What is SOLAS

14.Arrangements for panting
15.stealer plate
16.Marpol annex 5 name
17.Discharge criteria for machinery space.

Marpol all anexes. 
Four harmful gases which are mainly mentioned in marpol. (no2,so2,voc, ozone depleting substances)
List the emergency equipments on board
Reqt for emergency fire pump
Fire classes and colour code.
Name the pyrotechniques on bridge

four basic pillars of imo (stcw, marpol, mlc and solas)

Stability booklet contents
Watertightness and weathertightness diff, where is it mentioned.
On load off load mechanism
Req of rescue boat
Annex 5 dicharge criteria
Annex 1 discharge criteria for machinery space.

Eca for NOx
Hydrostatic particulars
Latest STCW amendments
Radio medical advice
Foam system; recirculation, ER and deck foam systems
Liferaft maintenance
Angle of loll, corrective action and justification.

Recovery plan, where will you find it?
Code, convention, member states, tacit acceptance, ratification, HSSC
Draw and explain fixed CO2 system
Draw and explain HRU
Req of holding tank
LSA code and solas chapter 3 diff
ISM code, where is it given that its mandatory
ISPS code same question
Sewage treatment plant flange size and diameter

Precaution while carrying Iron ore

  • Iron ores are heavy cargoes which occupy a small area for a large weight, ie they have a low stowage factor. It is therefore important that the tanktop has sufficient strength to carry certain iron ore.
  • Trimming of these cargoes is generally required (even though their angle of repose is mostly above 35°) to spread their weight across the entire tanktop.
  • The stability of vessels ­as iron ore is a high density cargo, when loaded on an ordinary bulk carrier (not an ore carrier) it will increase the vessel's GM to make it a stiff ship.
  • Damage to hold and hold structures are common. Careful monitoring for the same should be carried out.Damage to paintwork and increased tendency to rust has also been noted  
  • Moisture content should not exceed the TML.It is imperative that the cargo moisture content is tested prior to and monitored during all stages of loading as, once onboard, cargo may be extremely difficult to remove.Splatter marks while loading is a good indication of moisture content.
  • In recent years an increase in incidents attributed to carrying iron ore filings with excessive moisture content, causing sloshing and adverse stability and in some cases the rapid loss of the ship.
  • Unless suitably strengthened, single side skinned bulkers should not load iron ore in alternate holds(req as per Solas Chapter Xll.
  • Hull stresses to be monitored in the loadicator when in port and at sea. 
  • Loading should not be commenced until the master is in possession of all requisite cargo information and documentation/certificates that a shipper is obliged to provide under the Code or local regulations and is satisfied that the cargo is safe to load and carry.

Seachest; Oral questions (Mumbai) various surveyors by Alex Dantis - Function 3 part 3

Capt. J B Singh 
How many annex in marpol and quote the title of all.
Define sewage
Define garbage
Define protocol ,convention
Why is marpol called 73/78
Name all the conventions of IMO
Define collision
How many life rafts were on your last ship and what is the importance of the life raft forward
When is your ship called seaworthy
Fore peak tank and its construction
Collision bulkhead.its construction and requirement
Vessel is loading and there is overflow of oil, action. What could be the reasons for such an incident
Loadicator and its functions.
What is sheer strake
Define survival craft
What is stranding?
What is the difference between normal lights and navigational lights?
radio medical advise?
Requirements for steierng gear and auxiliary steerng gear
How long is the rope in the LTA. what lay it is? What is the material of the rope
What is IMO.. what does it do..     
Contents of stability booklet

Capt.Singhal & Capt.panda 
Annex 6 what cert required, measures for SOx NOx and other subastances, metal fire which ext to use, I said dry powder.He asked whats the constitution I said graphite and tec.Difference between lifeboat falls and normal wire rope.AB falls on deck what action will you take and how, which publication for radio medical regular are lifeboat falls renewed, How to give CPR, TPA req, Double hull tanker as per which annex, Annex 4, Cargo record book, Annex 5 certificates, Angle of loll, stable and unstable equilibrium, fire in ER action, Liferaft and HRU, Lifeboat launching in emergency, DBT capacity 1000t filled upto 700t what effect on ship? Tricing pendant and bowsing tackle use?

Stable,unstable,neutral equilibrium,angle of loll and corrective action ,life raft req,fixed fire extinguishing system, how will you start deck foam system,how will you take medical advice,marpol discharge criteria annex 1 cross quest. Marking of plating, sopep content, garbage discharge criteria, Certificates to be carried,IAPP, ISPP, ISM Code amendments ,PSC/FSI ,Lifeboat launchig tests, Fire in p/p Room, Marpol discharge criteria for X,Y,Z and OS, Anchor terms.

Annex 5 discharge criteria
what is SECA
Req of immersion suit
Contents of ORB
How will you indent medicines? How for Indian registered ships?

Radio medical advice

This is one of the most frequently asked questions in function 3 regardless of MMDs.The following are the various methods of obtaining radio medical advice.
  • By sending urgency messages via terrestrial radio with the heading PANPAN MEDICO.Stations providing medical advice are listed in ALRS Vol 1 and ITU list of coast stations and special service.
  • By contacting nearby CES via Inmarsat systems with the prefix +32 for medical advice  which would transfer you to a telemedical advice service(TMAS) or +38 for medical assistance which would put you through to RCC.Its advisable to fill the forms provided in International Medical guide for easy exchange of information.
  • Advise could be sought from a ship nearby with doctor onboard.AMVER  indicates if there are any such vessels available.
  • The International Radio Medical center- CIRM (Rome, Italy) provides services free of charge.Requests to be prefixed MEDRAD or DHMEDICO.Telephone as provided in ship captains medical guide is 39-06-54223045.Email -
  • The Master may also request Medical advice or Medical Evacuation (in case of serious medical emergency) by contacting nearest MRCC by Inmarsat phone, the contact details being mentioned in ALRS Volume I (NP 281)

Seachest; Oral questions (Mumbai) various surveyors by Alex Dantis - Function 3 part 2


Marpol garbage categories
Annex 5 amendments
At anchor, 3/e calls and tells that he want to discharge bilges, your action??
Machinery space discharge criteria
Annex 1 special areas
Sopep regulation and content
Sopep equipments and usage
Shell expansion plan
Bilge strake, sheer strake, garboard strake
Numbering of frames and strakes
Forward panting arrangements
Lifeboat lowering procedure
Hru, on load, off load, fpd
Dcp maintenance
AB on watch suddenly falls, what action?
Stability booklet contents
Hydrostatic table
Ms notices and latest notices
Ism code
Widss requirement on bulk carriers
Diff between lifeboat and rescue boat, since on my v/l two same lifeboat are there and one of them was dedicated as rescue boat, he want to hear rescue boat winch speed is more.
Liferaft requirement he want if we have davit then 50% on either side.
Immersion suit requirement and it's testing procedure,DCP extinguisher maintenance.


1)solas chapter
2)Marpol all annexes
3)Special areas and discharge criteria for them.
4)machinery space discharge criteria.
5)how to number frames
6)why forward bulkhead strong and which material.
7)hru in details
8)bridge on fire, action
9)While loading oil spray coming from ship side, Action(Reason-Minimise IG pressure)
10)Life boat lowering


Scba specifications & req.
LR solas req
Difference between liferaft and rescue boat.
UNCLOS in brief 
Sag- def, conditions, how will u know that how much ship sagged? Diagram for each condition and explain.
Draw loadline of starboard
Timber loadline

Capt JB singh

IMO antipollution procedures onboard, IMO headoffice, medical radio advice.LR req.min. depth at which you will lauch freefall LB to avoid it to go aground, how many distress signals,  What are available on bridge, IMO old name.marpol 73/78.why MARPOL came into force.You are at bridge you saw distress signal drill, content of stability booklet. sopep contents and tell about it, fire drill, liferaft why we hav forward one only 6 people capacity.
Red flare in sky(he wants to hear you'll inform shore), marpol 73 78 reason, imo previous name told imco y did they change name?? Every question he wants answer in detail went in depth for everything and try speaking as much you know on topic he'll be fine then, gave only one.ext panda, asked me he has given you only one so answer some questions so i can give more,  type of valve at manifold and fire hydrant, units of measurement which I did not know long ton and etc.

Seachest; Oral questions (Mumbai) various surveyors by Alex Dantis - Function 3

Capt.Muduli & Capt.Vibhute 
Tanker oil overflow, action as OOW? Wants to hear wilden pump. Also drain valve to slop tank. How will you find deadweight, how do you calculate the constant value in it? Wants lengthy explanation. How do you load to a desired draft when deadweight already known? Launching procedure for lifeboat - wants to hear about bowsing tackle and tricing pendant with explanation. Liferaft launching procedure - wants to hear about senhouse slip and breaking stress of weak link.Prepare Muster list 24 crew for Lifeboat drill, Loadline, Requirement for liferaft, Stability booklet content, OPA-90, what do you know about STCW, functions of IMO, Loadline and zone charts, pyrotechniques, Annex 1 marpol.
1)Draw how liferaft is secured on deck?
2)What is HRU & Weak link?
3)How will you lower a liferaft?
4)Explain in detail how an Abandon ship drill is carried out onboard.
5)How will you lower the lifeboat (Onload & Offload release)
6)What are the requirements for lowering of a lifeboat as per SOLAS.
7)What is Bowsing tackle & Tricing Pendant.
8)Draw & explain Load line diagram in detail.
9)On a tanker during loading the last cargo tank oil spill takes place, your action as a Duty Officer.
10)SMPEP applicable to which ships & according to which regulation of MARPOL.
11)SOPEP applicable to which ships & according to which regulation of MARPOL.
12)SOPEP equipments.
13)How many lifebuoys required to be carried onboard according to ship length as per SOLAS.
14)Full description of lifebuoy.
15)At the end he gave a rope & told to make the following knots (Reef knot, Bowline, Clove Hitch, he had a small stage plank with him & told to rig a stage plank).

Captain Khambata & Capt.Shukla 

1. Difference Between Rescue boat and Lifeboat.
2. What is Hypothermia?
3. What will you do if person suffering from hypothermia?
4. What will you do at Security level 2?

5.If a person comes on board during cargo operation what will you check?

Capt.Pankaj kumar

lifeboat checks,equip solas pack A & B,marking on liferaft and lifeboat ,cross questions,TPA & immersion suits,angle of loll,FSE,stealer plate,marpol latest amendment,annex 5 disch criteria,questns on annex 1,define enroute , MLC,
Marpol annex 2 discharge criteria, Isps level of safety, Declaration of security
Solas pack a and b difference, Seq survey, Loll and corrective measures, Bmp, Life raft marking, Steeler plate, Garboad strack, Shell expansion plan and how u locate the plate, Sheer strake, Co2 catridge in dcp how u know is filled satisfactorily, Which powder in dcp where is used, Tpa and immersion difference. 

Capt.Topnov & Capt.Khatri

As a officer on watch you're transiting between Mumbai to Kochi and suddenly engine room calls and asks to discharge engine room bilges so what will you reply at instance, Immersion suit pressure test, what material is used to cover the open space in immersion suit while pressure testing, what happens to liferaft when ship sinks, How you calculate stress on bulk carriers., how you feed the value of ballast in the loadicator, what corrections are used to find the actual ballast quantity, Describe double bottom of bulk carrier, what's difference between lightening holes and air holes, DCP maintenance, what precautions are taken to avoid caking. 

Opa90 is this for Bombay also?Emission control areas special area ,Annex1, Fixed foam system in your last ship how it was working? Liferaft hru,  weaklink, How u will lower the lifeboat, Discharge criteria annex 1,2,5, Categories of garbage, Angle of loll corrective action, Life raft requirements with maintenance, Life raft & life boat equipment, Rescue boat specifications,Stability booklet content, Then told me to draw db tank & explain construction, Fwd arrangements to reduce effect of panting & pounding, Fire while bunkering action, How to check the readines of emergency fire pump if u are on cargo watch and duty engineer is not in engine room, fire at manifold during bunkering, action, SOPEP content.

FFA equpmnt on last vessl and describe them, MS notice, content of stabilty booklet apart from hindship what you have seen on ship, immersion suit req n maintenance, how medicines are carried on board, yard delivery ship new crew joined no company manuals and other publication on board how will u prepare muster list? muster list req wher it is mentioned? angle of loll and how to corect it.hw u calculate sf n bm on board if loadicator fails.

Discharge criteria annex 1,2,5, Categories of garbage, enclosed space,load density,life raft maintenance requirements,isgott,painting pounding stress and what strenghtening is done to overcome these stresses,what do u mean by msc resolution, bunkering procedure,how will you call galley fire drill,annex 1 disch criteria including machinery spaces,odmcs,ows,garbage management plan,Lifeboat drill rqmt as per Solas, Checks on boats ,Specs of life jackets.Pyrotechnics in boats and bridge and specs full detail Emcy fire.pump rqmt, Maintenance of LSA how ,Sopep smpep, Ism principle,Duties of master as per ism who he overrides? why?