Yo Yo gear

This is a type of rigging which enables lifting of weights in excess of the safe working load of the derricks. As given in the figure the heads of two derricks are placed close to one another and their whips shacked to each other via a strop which passes through a traveling block.In the figure, the total stress of 7 tons is equally shared by the derricks. As the SWL of the falls  aren't sufficient, gun tackles have been rigged as lifting purchases.

The traveling block is advantageous as in the absence of such an arrangement the whole load would come on one derrick alone in case one winch fails.

Kochi MMD Second Mates Oral Questions Set-2

Candidate No.3

Capt.Misra & Capt.Vinod Navin

3.collision bulkhead strength
4.bridge fitting
5.oil leak on deck actions that you will take
6.how to upright a capsized liferaft in water
7.l/b requirement
8.ships exempted from loadline certification
9.boat wire
10.all certificate name
11.fire in Bridg, action?
12.where will you find the complement of the ship?
13.solas training manual. Where it should be, what it should contain?
14.cadet has fallen inside a cargo tank. You are standby. Take action
15.propellor slip.
16.muster card
17.Tomorrow master had decided to conduct a fire still. As a third mate what preparation will you take.
18.Substitution duties
20. What plans you will refer before going to dry dock?
21. 2 solas mean of contact between bridge and engine room?
22. When in a survival craft how will you know you are about to be rescued?
23. Your survival craft is in sea and some personnel are on board the sinking ship. How will you rescue them.
24. A ship in anchor yawing. How will you correct it?
25. Hanging of anchor

Candidate No.4

Capt Misra & Capt.Navin

1.course 180 , You see NORTH Cardinal mark right ahead. Action
2.4 cards simple... Towing, ram, fishing etc
3. Buoy, preferred channel to port in region b.
4. GPS principle
5. EPIRB working
6. LUT in India? MRCC in India?
7.overcarriage and under carriage?
8. Head on situation?
9. What is the importance of stowage factor to a chief officer?
10. What is load density?
11. How will u load iron ore?
12. Head on situation and an isolated danger on my starboard side. Action?
13. How many storm signal? What's number 11 storm signal?
14. How will u upright your liferaft?
15. Use of brine trap?
16. How will u intend the medicine required on board?
17.  Total navareas ?
18. NAVAREA of India?
19. How will u setup NAVTEX?
20. Requirements of liferaft?
21. Additional liferaft requirement?
22. Name all float free arrangements onboard ship?
23. How will u decide which side should a refrigerated container face?
24. How will u come to know u have a 40 feet container in a bay plan?
25. What report will u get after loading in tankers? ( ULLAGE REPORT)
26. Hazards of coal. 

Arrangements to upright an upturned open lifeboat

How to upright an open lifeboat and the provisions available in a non-self righting lifeboat in events of upturning is a popular oral question.We already know that the righting strap provided in a life raft in order to achieve such a result.

Merchant shipping notices by Maritime and coastguard agency quotes:-

A life line bucketed round the outside of the lifeboat meant to enable persons to cling to the lifeboat if upturned in the form of bilge keels or keel rails together with grab lines secured from gunwale to gunwale under the keel.

Keel rails are steel grab rod fitted on the bottom of a lifeboat to provide a hand hold.These along with grab lines leading throughout the underside of the boat constitute the arrangements specially made in open lifeboats which do not have self righting capabilities.

Certificates under HSSC

List of certificates required on board ship relating to harmonized system of survey and certification (some depend on type of ship)

·         Passenger Ship Safety Certificate, including Record of Equipment
·         Cargo Ship Safety Construction Certificate
·         Cargo Ship Safety Equipment Certificate, including Record of Equipment
·         Cargo Ship Safety Radio Certificate, including Record of Equipment
·         Cargo Ship Safety Certificate, including Record of Equipment
·         International Load Lines Certificate
·         International Load Lines Exemption Certificate
·         International Oil Pollution Prevention Certificate
·         International Pollution Prevention Certificate for the Carriage of Noxious   Liquid Substances in Bulk
·         International Certificate of Fitness for the Carriage of Dangerous Chemicals in Bulk
·         International Certificate of Fitness for the Carriage of Liquefied Gases in Bulk
·         Certificate of Fitness for the Carriage of Dangerous Chemicals in Bulk.

IMO Criteria for manoeuvring characteristics

Stopping ability of the vessel is judged by using a full astern crash stop manoeuvre.based on IMO requirement track reach should not exceed 15 times the ships length.In case of low powered large displacement ships the value may be modified but in no case should exceed 20 times the length ,after approval from administration.

Maneouvring characteristics for Prabhu Puni(see attached dia.)

One of the frequently asked oral questions is regarding the maneouvring characteristics of the last ship you sailed in.Following are the specifications for a 230 metre 45000 GRT Bulk carrier.

   Condition             Advance          Tactical dia.(port)      Tactical dia.(stbd)
                                (Nm)                    (Nm)                      (Nm)

     Loaded                  0.52                    0.54                        0.58
(Full spd 14.1K)

     Loaded                 0.49                    0.41                        0.43
(Half ahd. 8.2 K)

     Ballast                  0.46                    0.46                        0.46
(Full spd 15.3 K)   

     Ballast                  0.43                    0.36                        0.43
(Half ahd. 8.8 K)